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RICS Condition Report

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A RICS Condition Report gives buyers an overview of a property’s condition on the date it is inspected. The survey will be conducted by a RICS-qualified Chartered Surveyor, and will provide information about the construction of the building, highlight serious (or potentially serious) defects which should be urgently addressed, and suggest areas that would benefit from further inspection.

At Able Surveyors, we have over 25 years’ surveying experience and have carried out Condition Reports all across London and the Home Counties. We are pleased to deliver peace of mind to buyers about to purchase a new home, and advise clients where the property value may need to be renegotiated.

What is a RICS Condition Survey?

A RICS Condition Survey is considered a “level 1” inspection and provides a general overview of a building’s condition. The surveyor will carry out a non-invasive inspection of the inside and outside of the property, including its boundaries, outbuildings and any areas of shared use. They will also examine the legal aspects of the sale, and raise any disputes prior to purchase.

This level of survey does not require the surveyor to disturb the décor of the building, and as such, floor coverings and furniture will not be moved, secure panels or openings will not be disturbed and utilities will not necessarily be assessed.

Neither a valuation nor a reinstatement cost is included in a RICS Condition Report, however if you require either of these please let us know and we can arrange for them to be conducted at the same appointment.

How will the report be presented?

All RICS reports are designed to be buyer-friendly and written in a clear and concise manner. The items covered in the Condition Report will have their condition graded from 1 to 3, with the reasoning behind this grade outlined alongside. The report also uses a traffic light colour-coding system to make any defects immediately apparent.

We take particular care in making sure our reports are designed jargon-free and easy to follow, and our team are always happy to provide further clarification where needed.

Is the RICS Condition Survey right for my property?

RICS Condition Reports are targeted towards new-build homes, or properties less than five years old. The structure should appear to be in generally good condition, with no apparent defects and a traceable maintenance record.

It is not suitable for homes older than five years, buildings with noticeable issues or structures which have been renovated since their original construction. The Condition Report is also not designed for properties built with unusual materials, or in an unconventional manner.

If you aren’t certain which is the best survey for the property you are considering, you can use our comparison table to see how it relates to other RICS approved surveys, or call one of our friendly team on 01277 651605 to discuss your requirements.