At Able Surveyors, we provide general RICS property surveys as well as Specific Defect Surveys for issues that need further specialist investigation. Damp can be a major problem for many buildings, both old and new, and accurately identifying the extent and cause of damp is the first step towards managing and rectifying this potentially serious building defect.

If your Building Survey has flagged up damp, or your property has a known problem in this area, a Damp Report is a vital tool to help you address the problem. We can undertake damp surveys for any situation where damp has been identified and a clear, unbiased solution is needed. Contact us today to see how we can help.

How does damp occur?

Damp can be a serious issue for any property, as well as a major headache for the owner. Problems typically stem from external landscaping or obstructed ventilation in walls, floors or windows, and while internal tanking or injecting a silicone damp-proof course may conceal the symptoms of damp, long-term damage may still occur if used incorrectly.

There are various ways that it can be present in a building:

  • Condensation

Condensation can be an issue for old and new houses that are well insulated, double glazed, have non-breathable floor coverings and have various heat-saving measures. The moisture generated by the occupants becomes trapped and is held within the air. Once moisture levels are high enough and the air temperature low enough, condensation will appear on colder surfaces. Over time, this can cause decorative issues and lead to mould growth.

  • Penetrating Damp

If water finds a way into the building from outside, for instance via a defect within the fabric of the building, wind-driven rain or even drawn through the walls by salts hidden in the brickwork, penetrating damp can manifest on the inside and outside of the building. Faulty guttering, defective render or unsuitable external ground levels may also be to blame.

  • Leaking Pipework

A small pipe or drainage leak can be serious if undetected or left undealt for long periods. The same goes for spills from tanks, cisterns, baths, showers or washing machines. Once identified, this type of problem is easily remedied and any damp areas will dry out naturally over time. However, left untreated, the raised moisture content can create the right conditions for wood rot, fungal infestation and timber decay.

  • Rising Damp

True rising damp is rare. It can be caused by the foundations being constructed below the groundwater table or by poor finishing detail to the property, meaning a bridge exists for the water to bypass the damp-proof course. If the DPC is compromised or defective, water can progress up the wall. However, the typical main cause for what is generally described as rising damp tends to be a raised ground level, a blocked cavity or faulty rainwater goods.

What does a Damp Report include?

If damp is suspected during a general home survey visit, our surveyors will ascertain moisture levels on internal walls with the help of a damp meter, and ask for a specialist Damp Report to be carried out.

The purpose of a Damp Survey is to determine the full extent of the problem and its cause and suggest appropriate remedial action. On the day of the survey, you will be asked questions about the damp issue before the surveyor can work his way through the property, primarily focusing on the areas highlighted by you or the Building Survey.

The surveyor will look for signs of damp, likely causes and any potential problems that could cause further damp in the future. Using a combination of quality surveying equipment and specialist knowledge, the issue can often be located and rectified with minimal disruption, or we can specify works that will be most cost-effective.

Our findings will be documented in detail in a written Damp Report, which is written in jargon-free language to explain the severity of the damage and the necessary next steps. It may also include additional desk research carried out to piece together the extent of the current damage and what this means for the property, along with cost estimates to remedy the damp issue once and for all.

How Able Surveyors can help

Our independent damp reports are dedicated to ascertaining the cause of damp without any commercial bias. If a correction measure is required, we can advise on possible solutions and suggest reliable contractors complete the work.

With over 25 years in the industry, Able Surveyors offer surveys based on an unbiased expert view, not on profit margin. While there is an upfront cost for the Damp Report, the savings that can be made on the works will more than cover the cost of the survey in most cases. If you wish to discuss your requirements for a Damp Survey Report with our expert team, please contact us at 0207 164 6628 or email

Why Choose Us?

  • Able Surveyors have built up an excellent reputation for commercial property management services and specialist building surveys for homes and businesses in London and the Home Counties. From our offices in Essex and Central London, we deliver valuable, commercially focused advice and guidance to assist property owners, operators and managers of retail premises, industrial units, educational establishments and other business premises, as well as residential property, to make informed decisions about their asset acquisition, disposal or management.
  • We have 25+ years of surveying experience and a seasoned team of RICS Chartered Surveyors to put at your disposal. Our highly competent, motivated surveyors have a wealth of expertise dealing with different types of residential and commercial property in and around London, providing commercial property management services and building surveys for homes and businesses. If you are looking for valuable professional insights to help you get the most from your property investment or building management, you couldn’t be in better hands.
  • Able Surveyors are proud to be members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our esteemed professional body. We comply with the strict RICS code of conduct, rules and regulations and are regularly monitored for quality. That way, we can provide peace of mind to all clients that they will continue to receive the highest standards of service excellence. As experienced construction management professionals in the London area, we are also members of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).
  • We offer a wealth of professional surveying and building-related services for residential and commercial property clients in Central London, Greater London and Essex. Our extensive service portfolio comprises the full suite of RICS property surveys and valuations as well as in-depth surveys for specific defects or concerns, including detailed damp and subsidence investigations, and snagging reports for new-build property. For commercial landlords and tenants, we can help with Schedules of Condition and Dilapidation Surveys as well as Lease Extension Surveys and more.



Andrew Mulvey
I can't say enough good things about Able - not just on the survey quality, but also on the excellent communication. They knew I was in a hurry, and they made sure they gave me the earliest possible slot (about a week after paying). On the day, the surveyor kindly called me and spent half an hour talking through what he found, to put my mind at ease. The next day, I got a summary of the survey. And a couple of days later, the full survey report. It was incredibly detailed, and answered all my questions. It also listed the costs of each repair. A few weeks later, and after the searches came back, I emailed Able with a list of questions. A couple of hours later, the surveyor personally called me and spent an hour going through each point step by step. At no point did I feel rushed, and he spent time reassuring me about each item I was worried about. All in all, dealing with Able was the best experience I have had in the home-buying process, and I would be delighted to use them again if I ever buy another place.
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Jack did a great job for us and was available for any follow-up questions in a timely manner. We got a thorough and professional report at a much more reasonable cost than other firms. Thank you!
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Excellent service and communication. High quality report with lots of detail. I highly recommend them.
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One of the best people you want to use when considering buying a property. Communication was second to none and the report provided was detailed and gave me the assurance I was looking for. Very reasonable price for a first time buyer.
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I am happy with service they provided. I was in dark regarding a house that I am going to buy but they stepped in and shed some lights and gave me some insights about the condition of the property. They are resposive nd helpful. I am happy with their service and also I have to mention that their price was reasonable.
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My second time using their services, this time with surveyor Jack. As always: professional report, prompt response with follow up call. Honest (refunded unnecessary part of the survey). Got returning customer discount. Absolutely nothing to complain. They are ABLE, as the name says.
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Very efficient, very competent, excellent customer service!
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I felt good because of the impeccable services i received. For keeping me in loop all the way is very professional even when you couldn't reach the agent. The report was very detailed and the attention to details was very impressive. The Initial report i first received was very commendable. Great job and keep it up.