Able Surveyors offers a complete range of surveys and management services to help clients make informed decisions about property purchases and maintenance plans.

Buyers should consider one of the RICS property surveys to establish the condition of the building they are about to buy. Any of our team will be happy explain the differences between Condition Reports, HomeBuyer Reports, and Building Surveys.

Landlords that are looking to develop their portfolio and maximise profits can benefit from our professional contract administration and cost management services, as well as stock condition surveys to manage ongoing maintenance schedules.


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Tower Hamlets Report Case Study

We recently carried out a RICS Home Survey Level 2 Report for a client in Tower Hamlets, providing a valuable insight into the property they were intending to buy. Although the building was in reasonable condition, some repairs were required and our surveyor provided recommendations about the next steps the owner or buyer should take. To read the example of a RICS Home Survey Level 2 report, please click here to download the sample report PDF.


Why are property surveys important?

In the UK, sellers are not necessarily obliged to provide buyers with information about the property’s condition – it’s up to the buyer to determine whether they think the property is a sound investment.

Property surveys provide buyers with a professional insight into a structure’s condition, from a completely impartial perspective. Understanding potential risks or defects within the building can give you a stronger negotiating position if you still wish to buy the property, or even provide the information you need to walk away and find a more suitable home.

Without a survey, buyers are effectively going in blind. It’s not uncommon for new owners to suddenly discover their home requires serious renovation and restorative work that can end up costing thousands of pounds.

Which survey should I get?

At Able Surveyors, we offer all three RICS surveys in order to cater for all property types. Condition Reports provide a brief overview of a property, while HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys are increasingly in-depth. For more information, take a look at our survey comparison table or give our team a call.

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For further information regarding any of Able Surveyors services, or to arrange for a property survey for a house or apartment in and around the Tower Hamlets area, why not contact Able Surveyors today by emailing or giving us a call on 0207 164 6628 to speak to the team directly.






A visual inspection of the property to access condition

Detailed visual inspection for hidden defects

A “traffic light” grading system is used to indicate defects severity.

Identifies legal issues disputes pertaining to the property

Informed recommendations for repair options

Technical details of building construction and materials provided

Identifies future maintenance requirements

Mortgage valuation / reinstatement cost
(Where not included this can be provided separately)

Additional Drone Survey
(for a more detailed view of a properties roof)




Andrew Mulvey
I can't say enough good things about Able - not just on the survey quality, but also on the excellent communication. They knew I was in a hurry, and they made sure they gave me the earliest possible slot (about a week after paying). On the day, the surveyor kindly called me and spent half an hour talking through what he found, to put my mind at ease. The next day, I got a summary of the survey. And a couple of days later, the full survey report. It was incredibly detailed, and answered all my questions. It also listed the costs of each repair. A few weeks later, and after the searches came back, I emailed Able with a list of questions. A couple of hours later, the surveyor personally called me and spent an hour going through each point step by step. At no point did I feel rushed, and he spent time reassuring me about each item I was worried about. All in all, dealing with Able was the best experience I have had in the home-buying process, and I would be delighted to use them again if I ever buy another place.
arpana agarwal
Jack did a great job for us and was available for any follow-up questions in a timely manner. We got a thorough and professional report at a much more reasonable cost than other firms. Thank you!
Achilleas Konstantelakis
Excellent service and communication. High quality report with lots of detail. I highly recommend them.
Sharon B
One of the best people you want to use when considering buying a property. Communication was second to none and the report provided was detailed and gave me the assurance I was looking for. Very reasonable price for a first time buyer.
Alireza Mohammadi
I am happy with service they provided. I was in dark regarding a house that I am going to buy but they stepped in and shed some lights and gave me some insights about the condition of the property. They are resposive nd helpful. I am happy with their service and also I have to mention that their price was reasonable.
Vivian Wijaya
My second time using their services, this time with surveyor Jack. As always: professional report, prompt response with follow up call. Honest (refunded unnecessary part of the survey). Got returning customer discount. Absolutely nothing to complain. They are ABLE, as the name says.
Stefan Laxness
Very efficient, very competent, excellent customer service!
Chris Folarin
I felt good because of the impeccable services i received. For keeping me in loop all the way is very professional even when you couldn't reach the agent. The report was very detailed and the attention to details was very impressive. The Initial report i first received was very commendable. Great job and keep it up.